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How Would the Washington Redskins Take On The Old Rivalry With Philadelphia Eagles During Their Next Encounter?

After the match against Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Night, the Redskins have an opportunity to get better before their week 13 feud with their old-time rivals Philadelphia Eagles on “Monday Night Football”. This will be their 2 of the 3 repeated game against them and They have this break time to come forth as a stronger team if they don’t want a repeat of last year.

Also, this time this competition with Super Bowl Champions holds more significance as they are up against star quarterback Carson Wentz at Lincoln Financial Field. This year Redskins have many of new faces in the team including Alex Smith as the new quarterback, running back Derrius Guice and wide receiver Paul Richardson. It is expected that the team will do a lot better than the last year. Last years performances lacked so much that they came up short in both games against The Eagles.

On another note its not just Redskins that have had many changes during this new year. There have been a few of major changes also happening at Philadelphia’s side as well like additions of WR Mike Wallace, Markus Wheaton, DT Haloti Ngata, DE Micheal Bennett and Drafted TE Dallas Goedert. There are also some subtractions like RB LeGarette Blount, TE Trey Burton, DE Vinny Curry, CB Partrick Robinson, S Corey Graham and WR Torrey Smith.

Even though the Eagles took on the win in both games last year they weren’t able to slip out that easily from Jay Gruden’s Side.

Last year in Week 1 at FedEx Field the Eagles acted smart and pulled away late in the fourth quarter next to the defensive tackle of former Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins for a 22-yard touchdown, that gave the Eagles an 11 points lead which they later made into 30-17 with a two-point conversion. If that game had been set well in Redskins court, the whole campaign would have another story.

Though this offseason the Eagles have had many of the major player departures most significantly LeGarette Blount. These departures hold some weight for Redskins but are not the basis of their future win over the Eagles. Their victory will depend on their defense against Carson Wentz. Wentz has stood strong against almost all defenses made against him in the last year and is a fine threat to Redskins. The best options for Redskins would be to prevent the Eagles from making a vertical. Which have been made into one of the biggest challenges by Mike Wallace addition, he has been the most dangerous vertical options in NFL since last 10 years.

“I don’t feel like we’re going to miss a beat at all, honestly,” Quinton Dunbar said during OTAs. “We’ve got [Orlando] Scandrick coming in, who’s proving himself. Very smart player. Probably one of the smartest players I’ve been around as far as breaking down concepts, knowing different things and stuff like that. Then you’ve got one of the top cornerbacks in the league, [Josh] Norman. And then you have the young talent like me and Fabian [Moreau] with tremendous upside and things like that. I feel like we won’t miss a beat.”

The Additions of LeGarette Blount, Greg Stroman, and Adonis Alexander gives off good vibes among Redskins Secondary Defensive Line and hopefully, that will increase their chances of giving off a good answer to the Eagles fiery offense. It can’t be said that they would be able to completely shut down Wentz Lincoln Financial Field, but if they are able to prevent the big plays somehow, there is a chance that they can walk out the stadium being victorious against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Nationals Stars Rising Again Against NY Mets, Scherzer and homers by Rendon & Harper Led Them To Victory (5-4)

The Nationals, Max Scherzer isn’t letting anyone off the hook this season just like in the recent game against New York Mets, he proved that he is one that should be starting the All-Star Game for National League.

Scherzer’s wonderful pitching and two homers by Rendon and one from Harper led the team to their marvelous victory against NY Mets. Scherzer didn’t lead in his seven innings but managed to strike out five leading his team by a total of 182 in the league.

The 3 times CY Young Award winner, Max Scherzer exited the game with an ERA of 2.41 and is perfect to pitch first on Tuesday night for the big All-Star Game at Nationals Park. On inquiring him on this he deflected saying it’s an all-star decision, but the Nationals Manager Dave Martinez has a definite opinion on this:

“I don’t want to be biased,” he said, “but Max Scherzer, yeah, of course.”

“Max is Max. He wants to be the best at everything. Pitching, hitting, bunting,” Martinez said. “He tells me he can play the outfield if need be.”    

On the other hand, Rendon hit two home runs off Steven Matz (4-7) in the first inning plus a solo drive in the third inning. It was his fourth multi-homer that gave him a record of a total of six homers in 13 games this season.

In the sixth inning, he singled once off Tim Peterson and then it was Harper’s turn.

Harper been named the second-best hitter among eight participants in the 2013’s HR Derby. He will be participating in 2018’s version as well.

“If we weren’t in D.C., I probably wouldn’t have done it,” Harper acknowledged. “But looking forward to going out there and represent the Nationals and hopefully bring home a trophy.”

MLB released T-Mobile HR derby bracket last night, and it had Harper at the second for the most home runs in the Nationals League Right now following Atlanta Braves’ slugger Freddie Freeman.

On asking him if he was expecting to win it or not he replied something like this:

“I think doing it is going to be a lot of fun,” Harper said: “I participated in New York the first time and it was a lot of fun.”

“If I win I win, if I don’t, it’s part of it,” he added, “I’m just excited to hopefully share that again with my dad if I do have him throw to me, but just excited for the fans to be able to do that in front of them as well. That’s the main reason why I’m doing it.”

Now back to the game, the All-star, Harper hit his 23rd homer to greet the lefty Jerry Blevins, giving a lead 5-2 to the Nationals Team.

Bautista hit an RBI single in the first inning then a solo homer in the fourth inning. Then Plawecki made a home run in the seventh inning off the Washington ace. After that Kelvin Herrera began the eighth inning and gave up a solo homer to Asdrubal Cabrera. Then Ryan Madson closed with his fourth save.

Redskins Progressing To Great Things In The Near Future With Alex Smith’s Leadership

While facing many loses and weaknesses in last year Redskins knew they had to do something to make it all better. What gave them the chance to improve themselves in a short time to great extent is the new Quarterback Alex Smith.

Smith has come to Washington Redskins after spending 13 years of his life playing for the Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. His experience and his athletic values and skills will have an impressive impact on Redskins overall performances in coming games.

With many other abilities he is smart and knows how to get back up when faced with threatening and tough situations.

“He’s a winner,” said six-time Pro Bowler Trent Williams. “Obviously going No.1 in the draft, he’s been at the pinnacle of this sport for a long time. We’re lucky to transition from one franchise quarterback and being able to not have any layoff to get another one.

Despite being the best player Redskins could have get and a Brilliant winning history Smith still want to improve himself and get even better.

“I think you want to try to continue to get better,” Smith said. “I think you try to digest all that, learn from it, take what you can and move forward. I think the thing I looked at, the common denominator amongst all I think successful veterans when I was a young player, especially quarterbacks, was that – they were tough. I mean, everybody’s going to take their licks in this game.

“It’s not easy and I think the guys that were mentally tough, that kept getting back up, that kept going at it, finding a way, getting better, never stopped improving, you know, in all aspects. For me, those guys were great examples for me and I think I’ve strived to do that, I think I still strive to do that. It never ends. You kind of continue the chase.”

His leadership and tactfulness have impressed all in the team to great levels. He has become a vital part of the team.

“The things we were really excited about when we got him, the intangibles, the leadership, his work ethic just bringing young guys along, veteran guys responding to him, it’s really impressive to see what he’s able to do in a really short amount of time with the offseason rules and what they are now,” said Redskins passing game coordinator Kevin O’Connell.

Even Josh Doctson couldn’t stay behind in praising him.

“I’m not a quarterback guru, but he’s a vet in his 30s. I watched the Chiefs last year. We played them, so I saw how dominant they were,” Doctson said. “He was the leader of that team, so I’m looking for him to come in and be dominant like that.”

With Alex Smith on the team the Redskins are looking ahead to a brighter future. That is how their coach Jay Gruden feels about Alex:

“He is the smartest guy I have ever been around, without a doubt,” said Redskins head coach Jay Gruden. “He can move around, and he can handle a lot of different things. We are not in here to build the team around him, the team is built, and he has to lead it like right now. This isn’t a two- or three-year process. This is a one-year process and we have got to win right away.”

Nationals VS Phillies Preview & Jayson Werth’s Retirement

Nationals facing another loss since the start of the June is taking a big toll on them and Jayson Werth retiring is not looking do good for them as well.

Three weeks ago, they were doing great and were 11 games over .500, their disabled list was empty, and they were practically striding off with big wins but then everything changed as June started injuries started surfacing and they have had some heavy losses since then.

After retiring from a great loss of 1-0 at the hands of Tampa Bay Rays they returned home resigned to face another big challenge standing in their way. Starting Thursday, they begin a Four-Game series against Phillies. Nationals are one game behind Phillies in NL East after being crowned at the top for two consecutive years this year is seemingly difficult for nationals.

While Nationals were facing Tampa Bay Rays, Philias were losing two or three games from Yankees. Still, they are in a better position than Nationals.

The four-game set begins after the retirement of the most prominent player in Nationals, Jayson Werth this Wednesday. The word retirement hasn’t come off Werth’ s mouth but he is officially retired after attempting to go back to the big league with Mariners. He has signed a small deal with Mariners in March. Marl Lerner, Washington Nationals have informed Werth on Thursday that the club wishes to honor him at Nationals Park. However, Werth was a great player and will be remembered by his teammates. Here are some comments to prove that:

“He’s almost 40 years old so I don’t think it was a surprise,” Nationals first baseman Ryan Zimmerman who’s been Werth’s teammate in Washington said. “But, obviously, really good career. Awesome teammate. Hopefully, he’ll enjoy his newfound free time.”

“He’s a unique character,” Nationals reliever Ryan Madson, who has played with Werth in Philadelphia and Washington, said. “Good leader. Brings some realness to the game. He has a very unique perspective so it kind of rounds out a team. He really rounded out a team and made it fun.”

Now back to National- Phillies Game, Nationals after scoring eight runs against Phillies on Sunday night haven’t scored much. This is already more than they have scored in their last four games before Sunday and two after combined.

This eighth shut-out is nothing they have been shut-out seven times already since the start of the June and it’s more than their total for 2017. They have scored the third fewest runs in major following this month and their .635 base is good enough only from Pittsburgh Pirates and Royals.

And missing a player here and there is not playing well for them too.  Jeremy Hellickson and Stephen Strasburg have come down with injuries and are on the disabled list, while Tanner Roark and Gio Gonzalez are playing awkwardly these days along with Bryce Harper’s cold spell. Hellickson is expected to be back but nationals have not made that official. Suffering from a strained hamstring the right-hander has been on the disabled list long since 5th of June. He is feeling a lot better and will be back to face Phillies in their next game of the series.

Alex Smith’s Enormous Experience Proved Gainful To Redskins Coaches

The Massive Experience and all the things Alex Smith has learned through his scars in battles proves to be highly beneficial to Washington Redskins. He has received the Pro Bowl selections throughout 13 seasons and have had been a Super Bowl Team member along with 49ers where he received training from three different coaches and six Coordinators altogether. Three of the most offensive coordinators have shaped up Smith including the recent Eagles Coach Doug Pederson other than him two other mind-blowing coaching he got was from Jim Harbaugh and Andy Reid respectively.

The 49ers were a piece of work before Smith’s arrival and that’s how they got to pick their quarterback first and that turned out great for them as they rose to be NFC Champions. With Smith right beside them on the tracks they easily went through four of five seasons in competitions.

Alex Smith’s Enormous Experience Proved Gainful To Redskins Coaches

Kevin O’Connell who is the Redskins’ passing game coordinator said that due to Smith being on the team the offensive coaching staffs have change the way they operated before.

“When I was in Cleveland I coached Josh McCown and the one thing I learned real quick was you’re wasting a lot of knowledge if you don’t rely on those guys,” O’Connell said. “And Alex has reps in a lot of different systems. … There’s a lot of times we call a play, we execute it, we go in and watch the tape and he can call back to a play they either had in Kansas City or San Francisco and say, ‘Hey, we might’ve read it like this or this is how we attacked this coverage.’”

Redskins have undergone little changes here and there to prepare in accordance to their new quarterback.

“Maybe it’s a little tweak here and there that people may not notice, but from our standpoint in the system, it’s a big deal to get it implemented,” O’Connell said. “But we’re doing that to make him as comfortable as we possibly can.

“Then there’s other times where you say, ‘No, we’ve really done it like this and here’s why.’ I think that’s the key word, ‘why.’ Why are we doing the things we’re doing offensively? If there’s a better way to do it that he’s done somewhere else, we’ll incorporate that. But if we feel strongly about how we’ve done it here or how Jay’s done it, even going back to his time in Cincinnati or Tampa, we’re always trying to incorporate things to make what is a really good offensive system even better.”

During the offseason the quarterback coach O’Connell got promoted to be the passing game coordinator and now have bigger impact on the entire offense schemes. The changes that have been made will be noteworthy during 2018 including new quarterback, wide receivers and running back.

In 2017 the Redskins have been ranked 16th in points (21.4 and total offence (324.9 yards of each game). The pass game was ranked 12th (234.4 yards) and the run game was 28th (90.5).

“The influence [has changed] on what this year’s version of the Redskins are going to be with a new quarterback, with some new personnel, a guy like Paul Richardson, Derrius Guice,” O’Connell said. “Obviously, from a standpoint of incorporating Jordan [Reed] back in, hopefully, full time and Chris Thompson coming back. We’re trying to put together a system that maximizes everybody’s skill sets.”

“Obviously, Jay has had a ton of success calling plays in this league. But to not only learn from him, but for him to ask what do you like here or how would you guys have done [it] there at other stops as a player or coach? It’s a constant round table of information to lead to putting these guys in the best possible situation. You only get so many shots at it. Once you establish a system, these guys learn it and you like to make things concrete, so they can move forward with set rules and examples of how we want them to operate.”

Washington Nationals Settled On Mason Denaburg Among The Choice of 27 General Picks

The Washington Nationals took a chance on filling up their pitching depths by adding Mason Denaburg into the team by 27th pick.

They had a choice on 27 general picks in total from which the Washington Nationals have chose right-handed Pitcher Mason Denaburg from Merritt Island High School out of Merritt Island, Florida. the simulated draft showed Mason at the 27th position by ESPN and also by the Baseball America.

Mason I might say is one of the sturdiest players in this year’s draft. This 18-year-old baseball player not is also a kicker and punter in football. He played as a Pitcher, Catcher and outfielder for Merritt Island this year but most of all his performance at the mound was incomparable, jotting down a 5-1 record along with a 0.99 ERA though taking off 73 batters he has a walking of only 10 in 35 1/3 innings pitched. He has also done a blast in 2017 summer when he helped USA Baseball’s 18-and-under team to win a gold medal. Washington Nationals tickets are selling very fast. You should also get your cheap Washington Nationals tickets in advance from BBTIX.com.

Mason Denaburg has proved himself to be worthy hitting 97 mph once in a while and sits about 94. He also performs a dirty break with his power breaking ball move and have thrown a changeup as well. Denaburg can do a lot more of this at university but Nationals are in hope of getting him signed with them, so he can play on as a pro.

Xfinity Backing An Additional Hour of Metro Service Ensuing Washington Capitals Stanley Cup Game 4

WASHINGTON – In the meantime the Washington Capitals go one on one versus the Golden Knights for Game 2 of the Stanley Cup finals in Las Vegas, fans are impatiently looking forward to the Caps playing on power base.
It was announced this Wednesday that Xfinity will be taking fans to Monday night’s game of Washington Capitals versus Golden Knights on their own budget. Now how cool is that.

Washington Capitals

The first game of the series will take place on Saturday, nonetheless the trains will be running up until 1 AM on that night and without any of the spare economic funding. Though, Metro says it is emptying space for more trains to run on that night to run so that they can cover up all the fans that are increasing day by day.

In a report issued on Wednesday, Mayor Muriel Bowser said “D.C. is ready for the Capitals to bring the Stanley Cup Finals home to the #SportsCapital. And thanks to Comcast, fans in and around the Capital One Arena will be able to take Metro home after the Caps win Game 4 on Monday night.”

Moreover, we have been informed that the MARC Trains will be providing an extra service from Union Station to Penn Station in Baltimore.

The train is set to leave from Union Station after an hour of game’s completion both on Saturday and Monday nights. Also, the train would not be working for North of Baltimore as announced by MTA.

The starting times at Capital One Arena are at 8:00 PM for Game 3 Saturday, and Game 4 Monday.

All through the Stanley Cup playoffs against the Tampa Bay lightning, Game 4 Metro service was sponsored by Downtown DC Business Improvement District and the government of Qatar and Uber picked up the tab for Game 6.

With backing from Xfinity, Metro trains will run a full hour extra to the usual 11:30 p.m. closing time.

The last trains from Gallery Place-Chinatown are now scheduled to depart at:

Red Line in the direction of Glenmont 12:38 a.m.; Shady Grove 12:32 a.m.
Green Line in the direction of Branch Ave 12:28 a.m.; Greenbelt 12:48 a.m.
Yellow Line in the direction of Huntington 12:19 a.m.
The last trains from Metro Center will depart at:
Blue Line in the direction of Franconia-Springfield 12:28 a.m.; Largo Town Center 12:27 a.m.
Orange Line in the direction of New Carrollton 12:20 a.m.; Vienna 12:36 a.m.Silver Line in the direction of Largo Town Center 12:27 a.m.; Wiehle-Reston East 12:21 a.m.

Washington Capitals tickets

Metro have announced that in case the games runs overtime, they will inform any changes in the last train schedules by arena announcements. Services updates and alerts can be availed from Twitter (@wmata and @metrorailinfo) and through MetroAlerts email and text messages.

Brandon Marshall Sealed the Agreement with Seattle Seahawks

Brandon Marshal has decided to continue his career in NFL.

Brandon Marshall

The 34 years old receiver has sealed an agreement with the Seattle Seahawks, which was recently announced on Wednesday by the team themselves.

Marshal even posted some pictures of himself wearing a Seahawks fan shirt on Instagram.
Beginning his 13th season, Marshal resolve to get a shot at Seahawks receiver end with Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett. After losing Jimmy Graham to free agency, the Seahawks may perhaps find a use of Marshal’s length in the problem areas.

With his age and falling competence, it might be hard for Marshall to get a permanent part but inclining himself with a capable team such as Seahawks, means he has an agenda.

After once playing a 1502-yard season in 2015 alongside the New York Jets, Marshall’s game started to stagger. He had to work quite a deal at unravelling from defensive backs and was most incompetent receiver in the NFL, with a record of catching only 59 passes for 788 yards and three TDs for the NY jets in 2016.

He then swapped lockers in New Jersey and singed with The Giants which was not successful at panning out anything worthy. Marshal only played in five games in which he cached 18 passes for 154 yards and zero scores. The Giants removed him from the team last month.


Marshall had to face difficult times as he was not welcomed by anyone, then fortunately Seattle took him in later in offseason. This could be a great chance for Marshal to show off what he has gained from his experience as Seattle Seahawks are in a need of skilled receiver as they try to change for better in order to win favors for Russel Wilson.
Marshall has not even once made a playoff in his whole career and now he has united with upgrading team that has a five-year postseason line been broke. Maybe together they can retract the old times.

Washington Nationals Are Up Against Los Angeles Dodgers

The Washington Nationals and New York Yankees were up against each other a few days back and only managed to get 51/2 innings in the game. Now they are expected to face the Los Angeles Dodgers. More on the subject has been descripted below following through DoDCast Broadcast by Jacob Rudner from Dodgers Way. He is baseball enthusiast and has many things to say about Dodgers.


Let’s get on with the latest updates, there are some important players missing from the team namely Clayton Kershaw and Corey Seager who had just finished their 17th joint in the National League MVP voting last season. After suffering from injuries Kershaw is reported to might be back around the next week but the bad news is Seager needs Tommy john surgery and probably won’t be back for a year leaving dodgers in an alarming situation.

The good news is that they at best managed to get Justin turner back from his injury on Tuesday to start off their loss series with the Miami Marlins. He went straight for 6-13 in the series as the best third baseman he is the dodgers might have a good chance of getting a head with him on their team.


Up to now Dodgers have been facing a few problems with managing some of their moves like if their pitching is perfect the are left behind in their offense or the other way around. Alex wood is the personification of this situation with a deformed 0-4 record, anyhow he does have a credible of 3.35 ERA that has been going down by bat.
That’s it folks all that been happening up to now. up next Washington Nationals will have to go against San Diego Padres but first they need to get through the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Things Washington Redskins Needed to Improve in 2018

After receiving so many great reviews now when training camps and minicamps are taking place, The Washington Redskin coaches have their hands full with their duty to apprehend what has been missing.

When things go back to normal and redskins have earned themselves their final roster of 53 men, the team should get their attention towards things that have hindering them in 2017.

Washington Redskins

Following is a list of 3 things that needs Redskins attention for improvement:

Rushing attack

One of the most disastrous problem redskins were facing in 2017 was poor rushing attacks. Even though the 100-yard games by the new kid Samaje Perine were quite impressive and the seasons by the point player Chris Thompson as well but still Redskin is in dire need of heavy work.

The Redskins have prepared LSU running back Derrius Guice to be the support for this year around.
The Team need to find a better way to work with their runs because they will be face with the new quarterback Alex Smith under center for Pro Bowl this year. The new speed receiver Paul Richardson on the outside need loads of running practices to give a good play in the game as well as for Jamison Crowder the underneath and tight end Jordan Reed.

Big Plays from WRs

On all the problems Redskins been facing one of them is lack of big plays. This year Washington Demands more big plays from their WR unit.

Even with the ongoing 3rd year of over 4000 yards the big plays have been minimum over the time Kirk Cousins was quarterback. Washington and Cousins were right after Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons in passing plays of 40+ yards or more for quarterbacks ranked in the top 10 for total passing yards. Most of the 40+ yards ore more plays were due to the push from the receivers after the catch.

That put into account the range of receiving unit. Anyhow, along with procuration of Richardson through free agency, the Redskins are in for a whole lot more big play. Things can go back to the times when DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon played at the outsides and big plays can come in just like that time if only Redskins practice their running games a bit more.

Washington Redskin Tickets

The 3rd year player Josh Doctson is expected to take the big leap in his career and will surely offer a lot big plays to Smith. The previous TCU All-American displayed all his athletic skills with all the ups and downs and he had a brilliant catch and touchdown against Oakland Reinders in last season’s Week 3 win. He also displayed a wonderful touchdown drop against the Kansas City Chiefs, too bad it didn’t work out the way he wanted. Still the game highlighted the capability that he has, and Washington Redskins can expect that as a good sign for their future.

Run Defense

In the Alabama’s Daron Payne and Virginia Tech’s Tim Settle Washington drew two space eaters right in the middle of the defensive lane. If somehow both the young players overcome the difficulties with the trenches in the middle, then there is a chance Redskin would do a lot more better from then on.

Last year’s rank for defense against run was 32nd and now when NFC East is crowning some of the best and potential running back like Ezekiel Elliott, Saquon Barkley and the Eagles and more in the game, Redskins needs a lot of work to defense against them.

If possibly Redskins manages to improve over all or some of these potential lacks, then there is a possibility 2018 season will see a new face of their capabilities.