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Brandon Marshall Sealed the Agreement with Seattle Seahawks

Brandon Marshal has decided to continue his career in NFL.

Brandon Marshall

The 34 years old receiver has sealed an agreement with the Seattle Seahawks, which was recently announced on Wednesday by the team themselves.

Marshal even posted some pictures of himself wearing a Seahawks fan shirt on Instagram.
Beginning his 13th season, Marshal resolve to get a shot at Seahawks receiver end with Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett. After losing Jimmy Graham to free agency, the Seahawks may perhaps find a use of Marshal’s length in the problem areas.

With his age and falling competence, it might be hard for Marshall to get a permanent part but inclining himself with a capable team such as Seahawks, means he has an agenda.

After once playing a 1502-yard season in 2015 alongside the New York Jets, Marshall’s game started to stagger. He had to work quite a deal at unravelling from defensive backs and was most incompetent receiver in the NFL, with a record of catching only 59 passes for 788 yards and three TDs for the NY jets in 2016.

He then swapped lockers in New Jersey and singed with The Giants which was not successful at panning out anything worthy. Marshal only played in five games in which he cached 18 passes for 154 yards and zero scores. The Giants removed him from the team last month.


Marshall had to face difficult times as he was not welcomed by anyone, then fortunately Seattle took him in later in offseason. This could be a great chance for Marshal to show off what he has gained from his experience as Seattle Seahawks are in a need of skilled receiver as they try to change for better in order to win favors for Russel Wilson.
Marshall has not even once made a playoff in his whole career and now he has united with upgrading team that has a five-year postseason line been broke. Maybe together they can retract the old times.

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