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Natasha Cloud last Second Jumper Lift the Mystics to Top Sparks (69-67)

Natasha Cloud made the final jump at the end of the buzzer to earn Mystics the (69-67) win over Sparks. Cloud Last-minute shot made the tables turn on Friday’s Night.

The time was almost up but Cloud took the chance to make her team win in a flash. Usually, this type of safe would have been made by Elena Delle Donne or Kristi Toliver but both of them were not free at the time. Even cloud was not free when she got the ball in her hand the game was obviously moving toward overtime with (67-67) tie looming over but Cloud had some other plans going through her mind. She made a quick crossover and falling down on this attempt but the ball went right down the hole and a score in Mystics name before the buzzer could go off.


The shot in itself was magnificent but that is not the end of the glory as the shot was made against Alana Beard, who has played for Mystics in past from 2004-2011 and is the 2017 WNBA Defensive player of the year. It’s quite astonishing how she missed the move Cloud was about to make even though she tried her hardest to stop her from making the shot.

Cloud took upon her shoulders to make this a bigger deal than just a win. Washington Mystics who were less than average in most of the season, with an average looking standing of 18-16 when they made into the 2017 WNBA semifinals. In 2010 the team made 22-12 and it seems the shape team is in now after the Natasha Cloud’s win they are no less than being equal to that time. In fact, I would go as beyond to say that 2018’s version of the team is the best ever in the history of the franchise.

Cloud agrees on this one as she very much stated this as a matter of fact tone when she was interviewed by color analyst Christy Winters-Scott after the game.

She said, “This is a championship team — YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!”

She once again said so after leaving the court.

Though no one was saying Mystics are not a good team but very few of them expected them to be of championship material, but after the line of wins in this season they have risen to be in such conversations.

The Mystics are not one of the best of the bests but winning streaks have put them as a potential candidate to win a championship. Mystics have a good player in Delle Donne and a team full of player who is working great with her.

Though many may think otherwise as team was not in a position to win like this at the start of the season and neither anyone expected them to win at all but the way team has improved now and the long win streak definitely make them a potential candidate to win WNBA Championship and there are chances they even top that.

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