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Nationals VS Phillies Preview & Jayson Werth’s Retirement

Nationals facing another loss since the start of the June is taking a big toll on them and Jayson Werth retiring is not looking do good for them as well.

Three weeks ago, they were doing great and were 11 games over .500, their disabled list was empty, and they were practically striding off with big wins but then everything changed as June started injuries started surfacing and they have had some heavy losses since then.

After retiring from a great loss of 1-0 at the hands of Tampa Bay Rays they returned home resigned to face another big challenge standing in their way. Starting Thursday, they begin a Four-Game series against Phillies. Nationals are one game behind Phillies in NL East after being crowned at the top for two consecutive years this year is seemingly difficult for nationals.

While Nationals were facing Tampa Bay Rays, Philias were losing two or three games from Yankees. Still, they are in a better position than Nationals.

The four-game set begins after the retirement of the most prominent player in Nationals, Jayson Werth this Wednesday. The word retirement hasn’t come off Werth’ s mouth but he is officially retired after attempting to go back to the big league with Mariners. He has signed a small deal with Mariners in March. Marl Lerner, Washington Nationals have informed Werth on Thursday that the club wishes to honor him at Nationals Park. However, Werth was a great player and will be remembered by his teammates. Here are some comments to prove that:

“He’s almost 40 years old so I don’t think it was a surprise,” Nationals first baseman Ryan Zimmerman who’s been Werth’s teammate in Washington said. “But, obviously, really good career. Awesome teammate. Hopefully, he’ll enjoy his newfound free time.”

“He’s a unique character,” Nationals reliever Ryan Madson, who has played with Werth in Philadelphia and Washington, said. “Good leader. Brings some realness to the game. He has a very unique perspective so it kind of rounds out a team. He really rounded out a team and made it fun.”

Now back to National- Phillies Game, Nationals after scoring eight runs against Phillies on Sunday night haven’t scored much. This is already more than they have scored in their last four games before Sunday and two after combined.

This eighth shut-out is nothing they have been shut-out seven times already since the start of the June and it’s more than their total for 2017. They have scored the third fewest runs in major following this month and their .635 base is good enough only from Pittsburgh Pirates and Royals.

And missing a player here and there is not playing well for them too.  Jeremy Hellickson and Stephen Strasburg have come down with injuries and are on the disabled list, while Tanner Roark and Gio Gonzalez are playing awkwardly these days along with Bryce Harper’s cold spell. Hellickson is expected to be back but nationals have not made that official. Suffering from a strained hamstring the right-hander has been on the disabled list long since 5th of June. He is feeling a lot better and will be back to face Phillies in their next game of the series.

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