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Things Washington Redskins Needed to Improve in 2018

After receiving so many great reviews now when training camps and minicamps are taking place, The Washington Redskin coaches have their hands full with their duty to apprehend what has been missing.

When things go back to normal and redskins have earned themselves their final roster of 53 men, the team should get their attention towards things that have hindering them in 2017.

Washington Redskins

Following is a list of 3 things that needs Redskins attention for improvement:

Rushing attack

One of the most disastrous problem redskins were facing in 2017 was poor rushing attacks. Even though the 100-yard games by the new kid Samaje Perine were quite impressive and the seasons by the point player Chris Thompson as well but still Redskin is in dire need of heavy work.

The Redskins have prepared LSU running back Derrius Guice to be the support for this year around.
The Team need to find a better way to work with their runs because they will be face with the new quarterback Alex Smith under center for Pro Bowl this year. The new speed receiver Paul Richardson on the outside need loads of running practices to give a good play in the game as well as for Jamison Crowder the underneath and tight end Jordan Reed.

Big Plays from WRs

On all the problems Redskins been facing one of them is lack of big plays. This year Washington Demands more big plays from their WR unit.

Even with the ongoing 3rd year of over 4000 yards the big plays have been minimum over the time Kirk Cousins was quarterback. Washington and Cousins were right after Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons in passing plays of 40+ yards or more for quarterbacks ranked in the top 10 for total passing yards. Most of the 40+ yards ore more plays were due to the push from the receivers after the catch.

That put into account the range of receiving unit. Anyhow, along with procuration of Richardson through free agency, the Redskins are in for a whole lot more big play. Things can go back to the times when DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon played at the outsides and big plays can come in just like that time if only Redskins practice their running games a bit more.

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The 3rd year player Josh Doctson is expected to take the big leap in his career and will surely offer a lot big plays to Smith. The previous TCU All-American displayed all his athletic skills with all the ups and downs and he had a brilliant catch and touchdown against Oakland Reinders in last season’s Week 3 win. He also displayed a wonderful touchdown drop against the Kansas City Chiefs, too bad it didn’t work out the way he wanted. Still the game highlighted the capability that he has, and Washington Redskins can expect that as a good sign for their future.

Run Defense

In the Alabama’s Daron Payne and Virginia Tech’s Tim Settle Washington drew two space eaters right in the middle of the defensive lane. If somehow both the young players overcome the difficulties with the trenches in the middle, then there is a chance Redskin would do a lot more better from then on.

Last year’s rank for defense against run was 32nd and now when NFC East is crowning some of the best and potential running back like Ezekiel Elliott, Saquon Barkley and the Eagles and more in the game, Redskins needs a lot of work to defense against them.

If possibly Redskins manages to improve over all or some of these potential lacks, then there is a possibility 2018 season will see a new face of their capabilities.

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