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Washington Capitals Will Miss Jay Beagle

Capitals move ahead in the game, they will miss Jay Beagle because there might be some young and competent players on the team there is no Jay Beagle who can go 58.5 percent on faceoffs.

They will certainly not miss the three-years or the $12 million they got from Vancouver Canucks but still, there is no one on the team that can even come close to the ability Beagle possessed.

He won 584 out of 998 last year the only person who comes a bit close to competing with that is Nicklas Backstrom with 51.2 percentage but with this much of the percentage, there is no valid player getting on with faceoffs anymore.


Jay Beagle will be earning $3 Million in next four years with Vancouver Canucks which was out of the possibilities if he had stayed with Washington Capitals. However, now the Capitals will need to do a lot of work in their faceoffs as well as draws department.

Faceoffs are a big part of the game and if you can’t handle the puck on time it can be a great loss for the team. Likewise losing Beagle is going to cost Capitals this season. If you draw back to the last season’s games of the Capitals you’ll see that almost every critical draw was also taken by Beagle. He would sometime go beyond his capabilities and start a 3 on 3 in an overtime.

Also, Beagle was a big source of gathering the attention of the media as well. His charm and favorable personality won the hearts of those around him. He was the joy of the locker room and media all the same. Moreover, other teams also enjoyed playing with Capitals which actually was due to Beagle in a big sense.

To overcome the deficit they will be facing without Beagle, Capitals center, the Team as a whole needs to enhance their overall efficiency in the area of faceoffs or they will be losing lots of points when faced with a critical situation. And on the other hand, they also need to fill in the hole in their penalty kills which can be best done if Wilson, Lars Eller, Chandler Stephenson and others can step up their game.

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