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Washington Nationals Are Up Against Los Angeles Dodgers

The Washington Nationals and New York Yankees were up against each other a few days back and only managed to get 51/2 innings in the game. Now they are expected to face the Los Angeles Dodgers. More on the subject has been descripted below following through DoDCast Broadcast by Jacob Rudner from Dodgers Way. He is baseball enthusiast and has many things to say about Dodgers.


Let’s get on with the latest updates, there are some important players missing from the team namely Clayton Kershaw and Corey Seager who had just finished their 17th joint in the National League MVP voting last season. After suffering from injuries Kershaw is reported to might be back around the next week but the bad news is Seager needs Tommy john surgery and probably won’t be back for a year leaving dodgers in an alarming situation.

The good news is that they at best managed to get Justin turner back from his injury on Tuesday to start off their loss series with the Miami Marlins. He went straight for 6-13 in the series as the best third baseman he is the dodgers might have a good chance of getting a head with him on their team.


Up to now Dodgers have been facing a few problems with managing some of their moves like if their pitching is perfect the are left behind in their offense or the other way around. Alex wood is the personification of this situation with a deformed 0-4 record, anyhow he does have a credible of 3.35 ERA that has been going down by bat.
That’s it folks all that been happening up to now. up next Washington Nationals will have to go against San Diego Padres but first they need to get through the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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