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Wizards Sign Dwight Howard: Does That Mean They Are A Better Team Now Or Worst?

Wizards signed free agent Dwight Howard this off-season with an aim to get towards a bigger and brighter future. Ernie Grunfeld has high hopes for the player that displays in his following comment.

“Dwight has been known throughout his career as one of the league’s best defenders, rebounders, and finishers around the rim, all areas that we needed to improve heading into next season,” said Grunfeld. “His inside presence and athleticism will give us a much different look and will open up opportunities for us on both ends of the floor.”

Howard (6-11, 265) has an average of 17.4 points, 12.7 rebounds, 2.0 blocks and 1.5 assists shooting .585 from the floor in 1035 NBA games (1034 starts) completed during 14 NBA seasons with Orlando, L.A. Lakers, Houston, Atlanta and Charlotte.

Though the last few seasons were not so good with the player he also sees being a part of the Wizards as a chance to show his much-improved abilities and regain his status. He expressed his gratitude to Ernie Grunfeld and The Wizards Team in a recent interview.

“Thank you to Ernie [Grunfeld],” Howard said, “and thanks for believing in me as a player and wanting me here in D.C.”

All of us have something to prove, and we want to do it together,” Howard said of his Wizards teammates. “I feel like this city and this team is a place where I want to end my career.”

As a fun-loving player that he is, he said some very notable things pointing toward all of his career journey from Orland to Wizards in a comment:

“I learned Magic for eight years. Traveled to La La Land. Learned how to work with Rockets. And then I went and learned how to fly with some Hawks. Got stung by the Hornets. Just a joke. But through all of that, it’s taught me how to be a Wizard.”

Although Howard is a bit risky but considering his all-time record from history he is still a lot better option than Marcin Gortat for Wizards. The Wizards Team is getting better with new addition including Howards and some others like Austin Rivers, Jeff Green and Troy Brown, Jr.

The question remain does this makes them a better team or worst? According to Grunfeld, it is moving forward, and we have to agree that their performances are getting that a few of last years.

“This is probably the deepest team that we’ve had and maybe the most talented,” Grunfeld said.

John Walls also agrees with the Grunfeld statement and stated the following when asked if he thinks it’s the deepest roster they have yet:

“Yeah, for sure. I definitely think so,” He said. “I think it gives us the opportunity where we don’t have to play as many minutes… I think those guys can take a little of the burden and pressure off of us at times.”

Only the time can tell where these a few additions will take the team. For now, we can only hope that Grunfeld and Walls are right. If not for other unforeseen circumstances, we might get to see a lot better performances from Wizards in the upcoming season that we have in last few years.

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